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April Wilder

April Wilder’s fiction has appeared in McSweeney’s, Southwest Review, and PRISM International. She’s currently working on a novel called I Think about You All the Time, Starting Tomorrow. She has recently moved to Salt Lake City, Utah, where the people are so nice she’s not sure she trusts them. By way of warning, a co-worker pulled her aside and said, “Listen, people are just nice here. You’d better get used to it.”

— From November 2007

Me Me Me

When my sister Fawn told me she’d decided to adopt a little girl, I was skeptical. The girl’s name was Sam, and she lived in a group home run by — according to Fawn — gang members, illiterates, and pervs. Fawn had a master’s in social work and had been working with lost youth for years.

November 2007
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