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Diane Covington

Diane Covington is an award-winning journalist who bought a run-down organic apple farm to save it from developers. She has since mastered mowing, fixing broken irrigation pipes (including those she has broken while mowing), and climbing trees to harvest apples. She lives in Encinitas, California.

— From April 2007
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The Unseen Life That Dreams Us

John O’Donohue On The Secret Landscapes Of Imagination And Spirit

The U.S. is a great country. You can live the way you want there; you can be a self-made person. But sometimes, when all our energy goes into progress, acquisition, and productivity, it leaves a huge emptiness in the heart. I think the teachings of Meister Eckhart can address that emptiness, can show us how to be patient with it, and in fact bring us deeper into it. At the heart of our emptiness, we can actually discover nourishment in the secret landscapes of imagination and spirit.

April 2007
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