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Jackson Stahlkuppe

Jackson Stahlkuppe, EF174564, is imprisoned at Dooly Correctional Institute in Unadilla, Georgia, where he writes a lot and keeps a cockroach named Kafka in his cell. His story in this issue first appeared in Snake Nation Review.

— From January 1995

The Big Red Book

As Isaac Thomas walked jauntily down the bright, wide sidewalk at midday, he felt the weight of the book against his thigh, his wrist, the palm of his hand.

January 1995
Essays, Memoirs, & True Stories

Banana Hymn

You were ready to don the handcuffs, leg chains, and orange, ill-fitting jumpsuit required of all prisoners in transit. But you didn’t really want to go to your dad’s funeral. That’s what you’d told the man a few weeks before his bone cancer finally killed him.

October 1993
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