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James Carlos Blake

James Carlos Blake was born in Mexico, raised in Texas, and now lives in Florida. Portions of “Three Tales Of The Revolution” appeared previously in Quarterly West.

— From April 1993
Essays, Memoirs, & True Stories

Three Tales Of The Revolution

In 1913, my great-aunt Adela ran away with a boy intent on joining Pancho Villa’s revolutionary Army of the North. She was sixteen. The Revolution promised freedom from tyrants such as Díaz, Huerta, and her own father the rurales captain. Only her youngest brother did not disown her.

April 1993

The House Of Esperanza

Esperanza had informally inherited the house from Salvador Escondido, her husband by common law, who one morning kissed her goodbye at the door, left for work in the fields, and never came back.

April 1988

Aliens In The Garden

In the fields you worked in the open sun, sweating like a mule, crawling down the rows on your knees, your back bent and your spine cracking, breathing dust and insecticide fumes.

October 1987
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