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Karen Karvonen

Karen Karvonen does freelance writing for national magazines from her home in Englewood, Colorado, and edits the Rocky Mountain Quarter Horse. She has belonged to the same dream-work group for eighteen years.

— From March 2006
The Sun Interview

Last Night I Had The Strangest Dream

Jeremy Taylor On Dreams As A Tool For Social Change

At that point I had a fair amount of experience to support my belief that the language of dreams is universal, but my clients had been mostly well-educated, polite, law-abiding people. So I went to San Quentin to see if this work had the same impact with people who were for the most part poorly educated and had little impulse control. And indeed I found that even major barriers like incarceration make no difference in dream work. We are all having the same kinds of dreams. We may respond to the dreams differently, but the symbolic information the dreams offer is essentially the same. The differences between the prisoners and others in society lie in behaviors, and the nice thing about behaviors is that they can be changed.

March 2006
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