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Laura Maylene Walter


Laura Maylene Walter lives in Cleveland, Ohio, and is the author of the story collection Living Arrangements. Her work has been published in Poets & Writers, Tampa Review, and Cat Fancy (yes, Cat Fancy). She is earning her MFA in fiction from Bowling Green State University, where she is assistant fiction editor of Mid-American Review.

— From May 2014
Essays, Memoirs, & True Stories

In The Twelve Years Since You Died

In the twelve years since you died, I moved eleven times and saw five therapists. I hiked in the Grand Canyon, backpacked through Europe, and drank wine in the high, open window of a Montreal hostel. I took a train alone from Toronto to Vancouver, sleeping upright in my seat for three nights. I graduated from college. I fell in love. I hung your portrait above my desk.

May 2014
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