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Liz Crain

Liz Crain is a fiction and food writer living in Portland, Oregon. She recently tried to open her front door by pushing the unlock button on her car key. She pushed it so many times that she set the car alarm off. Her first book, Food Lover’s Guide to Portland, is due out this summer from Sasquatch Books.

— From May 2010
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Countertop Culture

Something Is Fermenting In Sandor Katz’s Kitchen

The revolution I would like to see is a devolution of agriculture. We have to let go of the notion of mass-producing food. It just doesn’t work. Cars and computers may lend themselves to mass production, but with food it has been a disaster. We have to revive small-scale food production and relearn the art of food processing, including fermentation, so we can stop relying on these huge and vulnerable food infrastructures.

May 2010
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