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Liza Taylor

Liza Taylor’s fiction and essays have appeared in Sojourner, the Los Angeles Times, and the Santa Monica Review. Her novel The Drummer Was the First to Die (St. Martin’s Press) continues to be required reading in epidemiology courses across the country. Her loves include horticulture, bluegrass guitar, fabric art, world travel, and lying on the couch with a good novel and a glass of something cold. She lives in Michigan with her hunk of a husband and their two radiant, unruly sons.

— From June 2003

Nixon’s Funeral

When Wendy murdered her father in her dreams, she used a coat hanger or a wood-handled kitchen knife. She always stabbed him right in the heart. She dreamed of killing him so many times that when he finally died for real, her whole life felt like a dream for a few days.

June 2003
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