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Mary O’Connell

Mary O’Connell’s short stories have appeared in the Chicago Tribune, the Crescent Review, and A Room of One’s Own. She lives in Lawrence, Kansas, and is working on a collection of stories about female saints.

— From January 2000

Saint Ursula And Her Maidens

You have a zygote — “Zoe Zachary Zygote,” your husband calls it — and the world is fuzzy and mint green, soft as lamb’s ear. And your health is much improved. After all those dark days, you have suddenly plunged into Candyland. The trees blossom with caramel apples; the sun shines its Creamsicle rays especially for you.

January 2000

The Patron Saint Of Girls

Girls, look up here! See me hovering close to the water-stained ceiling, above the buzzing VCR. Behold, I am Agnes, patron saint of girls, come to distract you from the climax of your freshman biology class, the video How Christian Girls Blossom into Maturity.

May 1997
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