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Michael Nesset

Michael Nesset lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota, where he teaches college English. He has published essays and stories in Minnesota Monthly Magazine and Great River Review.

— From December 1989
Essays, Memoirs, & True Stories

Three Friends

This is what faith looks like when it is acted upon: the good and right way is followed no matter what happens, because those who follow it believe it is good and right; indeed, they follow it even when life is too hard to think much about the good and the right.

December 1989
Essays, Memoirs, & True Stories

Parting Words

Though several members of my childhood family have died, the passing of all but two of them took place unexpectedly and at a distance, and I was not able to say goodbye. On two occasions I was there, the dying spoke to me, and their conversation was memorable. Their last words to me seemed a summary of their lives and a way of giving me a part of themselves that would remain in the world after they had left it.

February 1988
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