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Miriam Sagan

Miriam Sagan is the author of Coastal Lives and True Body. The Art of Love, her latest book of poetry, is forthcoming from La Alameda Press. Raised in New Jersey, she now lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

— From April 1994

The Rain Maker

When my father was young, he loved his vegetable garden. He had reconstituted the soil from the bedrock up with lime, manure, and peat moss.

April 1994


The night of the day that Dr. Martin Luther King was shot, my parents had gone to the art museum in Cleveland to see a stunning painting by Titian of Mars and Venus, a fat naked Venus and a Mars clad in Renaissance armor. But instead of eating a fancy dinner or making love in a motel room, they were frantically trying to book a flight back to Newark, New Jersey, which was burning to the ground.

April 1991
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