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Rebecca McClanahan

Rebecca McClanahan teaches writing at Queens University of Charlotte and the Rainier Writing Workshop. She is the author of ten books, most recently the memoir The Tribal Knot. She lives in Charlotte, North Carolina.

— From February 2017
Essays, Memoirs, and True Stories

What Love Looks Like From Here

We’ve been married nearly forty years, but we are still learning from my parents what love looks like: How it moves. All the shapes it takes. Though my parents can no longer care for themselves, they care for each other.

February 2017
Essays, Memoirs, and True Stories

Adopt A Bench

Not everyone can afford to adopt a Central Park bench and personalize it with a plaque, but it costs nothing to sit on one. My favorite bench, near Conservatory Water, is inscribed with “Tell Me Something You Promised You Wouldn’t Tell” and dedicated to a woman named Helen, who lived for nearly a century.

March 2013

Out Of Season

Last week while she was in bed with the first bout of morning sickness, she watched the “Donahue” show. The woman he was interviewing, a fleshy redhead who leaned sensuously toward the camera, had just written The Mistress Book.

September 1991
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