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SeSe Geddes

SeSe Geddes teaches creative writing and belly dancing in Santa Cruz, California.

— From July 2020

Crazy Bitch

God, it feels good to be a crazy bitch. / To stand straddle-legged in a slip dress and stilettos / lashing out recriminations, nonsensical accusations / that leave his mouth agape. To stop being understanding, / reasonable. To rage with the heat of a thousand tigers in your heart.

July 2020


It’s the final moment — the tugging — / that’s the worst. A sucking deep within the pelvis, / where the body contracts as if / to cling to that tiny growth.

February 2015

My Totally Awesome World

My husband has just left for work, and I’m already knotted / by the window, watching him like a dog. I should paw the glass. / I’ve got problems, man. Let’s get that out of the way.

May 2012
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