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Steven Hendlin

Steven Hendlin is a clinical psychologist in private practice in Tustin and Laguna Beach, California. He is especially interested in the integration of Western psychotherapy with Eastern philosophy and practice.

— From November 1983
Essays, Memoirs, and True Stories

Pernicious Oneness In Spiritual Thinking And Practice

Something “pernicious” is that which has an insidious and corrupting or undermining influence. What I call “pernicious oneness” is now making itself felt and gaining strength in the spiritual community. Spiritual seekers, in their thirst for the “oneness” experience, are easily led toward simplistic ways of thinking and impotent practices which, at best, may be a waste of time and energy and lead to self-delusion and, at worst, may lead to mental and emotional disturbance. For too long now we have been reluctant to examine closely what is and what is not valid, and hesitant to criticize specific movements and forms of practice. I believe we are dangerously close to corrupting the authentic, enlightened forms of spiritual practice. In our search for “higher” spiritual experience we are unwittingly undermining healthy ego development and personal integration.

November 1983
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