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Susan Carol Hauser

Susan Carol Hauser’s books include Outside after Dark: New and Selected Poems (Loonfeather Press) and You Can Write a Memoir (Writers Digest Books). She is a professor of English at Bemidji State University and lives in Puposky, Minnesota.

— From August 2006
Essays, Memoirs, & True Stories

The Marriage Bed

You will have to take my word on this: we loved each other. We were married to other people, we fell in love, and finally we were together and then married, for thirty years. We both expected Bill to die first; I was twenty-seven years old and he was fifty-four when we met, and through all of those years, even from the beginning, I told myself that I could live with his absence because our love would carry me the way a wave carries the light of the sun.

August 2006
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