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Alicia von Stamwitz

Alicia von Stamwitz is a freelance writer and editor in St. Louis, Missouri, whose specialty is hagiography (the study of saints). She was born in Cuba at the start of the Cuban Revolution and left with her family when she was a toddler. Her great-grandparents were first cousins who bribed the bishop in Havana to marry them. She says, “I blame their incestuous union for all my defects.”

— From November 2012
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If Only We Would Listen

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There are people on the far Right and far Left who can’t join in a creative dialogue about our differences — say, the most radical 15 or 20 percent on either end. But that leaves 60 or 70 percent in the middle who could have that conversation, given the right conditions. And in a democracy, that’s more than enough to do business.

November 2012
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