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Andrea Potos


Andrea Potos’s newest poetry collection, Her Joy Becomes, will be published by Fernwood Press in November 2022. She lives in Madison, Wisconsin.

— From June 2022

Selected Poems

from “Sleep Skills” | These days I wake up tired / after hours skimming sleep’s / surface like a hungry bird, waiting. / They say it’s a fact of growing older, / to lose the skill for sleep infants / and teenagers effortlessly have.

June 2022

The Cardinal Reminds Me

It sweeps and arcs across my path / almost every day on my walk to the cafe, / under sun or cloud, its red / seeming lit from inside, a brightness / bold as the lipstick my mother wore

March 2022

For My Friend Who Told Me Don’t Celebrate The Dead

how can I tell him that every day I see her / smiling in her coral blouse, her matching lipstick, and her sunglasses, / sitting alfresco at our favorite Milwaukee cafe

May 2019
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