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Colin Chisholm

Colin Chisholm lives in Missoula, Montana. His book Through Yup’ik Eyes: An Adopted Son Explores the Landscape of Family is available from Alaska Northwest Books. On the same day The Sun accepted his story “Flesh and Blood” for publication, he was reunited with his birth mother.

— From December 2002

Flesh And Blood

Most people wonder about their ancestry, scanning family history for glimpses of their destinies, seeking proof that they’re not the accidents they often appear to be. But when you’re adopted, you have no archives to dig through. Like Adam or Eve, you invent your destiny.

December 2002

The Counter

It’s not as easy as it looks, standing all day in the murky light of the museum. My feet ache and swell with blood, my back hunches in protest. People shuffle by, but they don’t see us. That’s why the museum hires immigrants: we are invisible.

July 2002


Katrina had been talking about the garden for years, as long as he’d known her. Some women dream of white weddings, or sandy beaches, or new diamond rings; she dreamed of spinach and lettuce, garlic and tomatoes, and tall native grass in the spring. Each day, the man looks out the window above their bed and sees that there is more to be done, that her garden is green but not green enough.

May 2000

The Oldest Wine

“This is 1448,” Alija said. “My very-great-grandfather Radmila. He was Serb, I think. His grandfather plant first seeds. This wine is ten years before Ottomans come, ten years before Islam. Some things I know from school, others from Islam. But I learn most from wine, and stones.”

October 1998
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