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D. Rose Hartmann

D. Rose Hartmann will stay handcuffed to her chair until she completes an eco-feminist novel. She lives in Seattle.

— From May 1994
Essays, Memoirs, & True Stories

Disaster Envy

Hanging up the phone, I am overwhelmed with an embarrassing emotion: I am feeling left out. After all, I spent thirty-three years of my life in the San Fernando Valley waiting for The Big One. I should be in the muck of it.

May 1994

Hatching Denise

At thirty-one, I steadily decay. Breasts succumb to gravity and sag. My eyes weaken. My senses falter. Well-meaning friends have offered referrals for plastic surgeons, opticians, and psychoanalysts, hinting at the necessity to fight the breakdown of body, the breakup of mind.

November 1993
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