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Donovan McAbee


Donovan McAbee used to live in a sixteenth-century castle in Scotland. Unfortunately it was adjacent to an air-force base where pilots trained for night missions. He now lives in Nashville, Tennessee, a sufficient distance from any airport.

— From October 2023

The Tunnel

It started with the mouse in the grass by the sidewalk, ants / crawling on its face. Aidan wanted to touch it. I drew him back / and held him. We talked about the gray fur and the tiny ants. He asked / if the mouse was going to go home to his mama and daddy. / No, I told him, the mouse won’t get to go home again.

October 2023

Holy The Body

I’ve thought so little of you that now / you seek your revenge in the grinding / of kneecaps, the tightening of hamstrings, / loss of elasticity, the skin. So long neglected, / you weren’t even an afterthought.

July 2019


Shortly after her death, Mother Teresa appeared / in a cinnamon bun in Nashville, Tennessee. / She looked serious, perturbed even, as though / this epiphany were an inconvenience.

May 2019
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