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Erik Hoffner

Erik Hoffner is a photographer and writer whose work has appeared in The Guardian, National Geographic News Watch, and Orion. His assignments have taken him to northern Sweden at high summer, and to a massive forest that straddles the Poland-Belarus border, but he prefers woodsy western Massachusetts, where he lives with his songwriter wife.

— From August 2015
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As We Lay Dying

Stephen Jenkinson On How We Deny Our Mortality

At every deathbed and hospital room, I didn’t see sane dying. I saw sedated dying, depressed dying, isolated dying, utterly disembodied dying. Sane dying would require a childhood steeped in death’s presence, an adulthood employed in its service, and an elderhood testifying to its necessity. Sane dying is a village-making event: lots of people with plenty to do, the whole production endorsing life.

August 2015
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