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Grady Chambers


Grady Chambers is the author of the poetry collection North American Stadiums. He lives in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, where his favorite pastime is sneaking beer into movie theaters.

— From February 2024

Spring Garden Street

I had left her sitting on the front stoop / and crossed the street / to light my cigarette—April / in the early evening, / the pear trees with their arms full / of white blossoms, comfortless as ghosts.

February 2024

Near The End

Without her glasses she couldn’t see, / so she’d touch her thumb to the bristles / of the two toothbrushes / to figure out which one I’d used, / then she would use the other.

July 2021

In The Days Wherein He Looked On Me

Thursday, sad wet morning, / reading the Gospels on my way to work. / I’d been doing that all year: waiting for the bus / on the front stoop’s top step, / making my way to the same back seat

September 2020
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