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John Brehm

John Brehm lives in Portland, Oregon. His newest book of poetry, Dharma Talk, will be published in September 2023, which is a long time from now. He’s trying to be — or at least to appear to be — patient.

— From December 2022

Timely Question

How can time / be / rushing / by

December 2022

Dudley Ball

The red hair and freckles, puffy cheeks / and constant perspiration amplified / his otherness. No one spoke to him. / But why do I see his face so clearly now, / the fear and loneliness in his eyes? / The faces of all the others I’ve forgotten.

August 2022

Selected Poems

from “Wanting Not Wanting” | I wish I didn’t / want things / to be other / than they are

June 2020

The Empty Chair

Waiting for the poetry reading / to get started, I turn around / to apologize to the man / sitting diagonally behind me / for blocking his view.

May 2016

Intrigue In The Trees

Often I wonder: / Is the earth trying to get / rid of us, shake us off, / drown us, scorch us / to nothingness?

April 2016

Cold Spell

Fourth day / of snow / freezing rain / huge / avalanches / of wind

May 2014

No Day At The Beach

It’s no day at the beach / being me, I said. / It’s no walk / in the park. / I can see that, / she said.

August 2013

Newborn, Brovetto Farm

Just under the dairy / farm’s hayloft, / a four-day-old calf, / big, soft, earth- / colored eyes, / looked exhausted, / slightly affronted

May 2011
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