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Lisa Bellamy

Lisa Bellamy lives with her husband in Brooklyn, New York, and the High Peaks of the Adirondacks, where she wants to see an owl but not a bear. She teaches at the Writers Studio and is working on a new poetry collection and a children’s picture book. You can follow her on Twitter @lisalbellamy.

— From June 2017

Not So Easy, Saving Sentient Beings

When I drank, many people / tried to get me to quit. / When I drank, I drank the way / this cardinal is smashing into / our living-room window again / and again

June 2017

The Baby Is Clapping

Drunk on red wine and pea soup, my first husband and I will grab our wool hats, pull them over each other’s ears, and pretend we are happy Quebecois sailors home from playacting for the baby.

October 2011

Love Poem

I hear cooing and scuffling as I stand on the steps of my building / and at first, with the fluttering, hope for an angel, a visitation, but / then realize I am listening to pigeons, crammed in a window box, / mating over my head.

April 2010

The Human Realm

Sunday morning in Central Park, chilly September: / I stood, hungry, packed shoulder to shoulder with strangers, / feeling like one of the huddled, shivering Antarctic penguins / I’d observed, over Burmese takeout, on a nature show.

February 2010
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