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Mark Smith-Soto

Mark Smith-Soto is the author of the poetry collections Time Pieces and Any Second Now. He teaches in the Department of Languages, Literatures, and Cultures at the University of North Carolina Greensboro.

— From April 2019


Fifty years ago my older brother brought home / the first tape recorder I’d ever seen, a little box / that pulled my voice out of the air and spun it back / transformed, whiny, stuffed-nose, singsong.

April 2019

Selected Poems

from “Wanting” | Wanting’s the thing, not the thing itself. / The thing itself no longer calls to me

January 2017

Twilight Meditation Without Dog

Late-afternoon light floods the darkening sunroom. / Looking out the window, not sad, not happy, I / and the ghost of my old dog breathe in, breathe out

October 2013

Getting Ready

You know where you start, but you don’t know where / you’ll end up, so never begin a trip on an empty stomach, / my uncle Enrique said, pulling into the brand-new / Wendy’s, the first in Costa Rica.

April 2012


The stain ran a trail down his pleated / Cords, but I didn’t quite register the fact, / And only later realized that it meant / He’d pissed himself.

June 2011

New Year

Icy rain and wind outside; inside, my back’s / To the bedraggled human shape asprawl / On the comfy corner sofa at the Starbucks

January 2010
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