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Rebecca Baggett


Rebecca Baggett acquired a grandson and a book contract in the first months of the pandemic, both of which helped her stay more or less sane. Her first full-length poetry collection, The Woman Who Lives without Money, was published in 2022. She lives in Athens, Georgia. You can follow her on Instagram: @rbaggett27.

— From January 2023


Where do those lost socks / go? The ones that vanish / between washer and dryer, / submerge in suds and never / surface again?

January 2023

Another View

This morning the receptionist ushers me / into the Magnolia Room, reserved / for those receiving a “different type” / of mammogram, although I can discern / no obvious difference from the Dogwood Room, / where I waited last week for the usual sort, / the one about which my friends and I joke / and pretend we schedule as casually as a teeth-cleaning.

February 2022
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