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Ronald F. Currie Jr.

Ronald F. Currie Jr.’s work has appeared or is forthcoming in Glimmer Train, Swink, Alaska Quarterly Review, and Cincinnati Review. His fiction in this issue is an excerpt from a novel-in-stories, for which he’s seeking an agent. He lives in Waterville, Maine.

— From December 2005

God Is Dead

Disguised as a young Dinka woman, God came at dusk to a refugee camp in the North Darfur region of Sudan. He wore a flimsy green cotton dress, battered leather sandals, hoop earrings, and a length of black-and-white beads around his neck. Over his shoulder he carried a cloth sack which held a second dress, a bag of sorghum, and a plastic cup.

December 2005

Loving The Dead

I have many memories of my grandmother, and I hate them all: Sleepovers at her house with my cousins. Trips to Sunset Beach. The sickroom smell of Kool menthols. Vodka bottles in the toilet tank. My father’s old board games in the closet. A worn, overstuffed recliner that had belonged to my grandfather.

July 2004
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