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Yehoshua November


Yehoshua November is the author of the poetry collections Two Worlds Exist, which was a finalist for the National Jewish Book Award, and God’s Optimism, a finalist for the Los Angeles Times Book Prize. Two of his siblings are poets as well — a source of pride and confusion for the entire family. He lives in Teaneck, New Jersey.

— From July 2021

The Buttonhook

My son sprinted to each traffic light / in his black hat and dark Sabbath suit / while the elderly congregation two miles away / waited for him to help lead morning prayers.

July 2021

Selected Poems

from “Falling From The Sky” | When we found out our daughter had gone deaf, / I did not question God’s fairness

October 2018

The Soul In A Body

is like an old Russian immigrant / looking out his apartment’s only window.

August 2016

Between Lifetimes

But love is a rusting machine / you call to have serviced over and over again, / hoping the pieces won’t have to be replaced. Again and again / you apply the grease until the engine inches forward.

December 2013

At The Request Of The Organization For Jewish Prisoners

Three bearded rabbinical students in a rented car, / trunk filled with menorah kits and grape-juice bottles, / we pulled away from the all-male yeshiva in New Jersey / and headed west, into the heart of Pennsylvania, to celebrate / Chanukah with the Jewish inmates of Allenwood’s many prisons.

July 2013
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