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A Course In Miracles

What would it be like if miracles were ordinary, while what was unusual was pain, sickness, heartbreak, anxiety, misfortune, and death? It wouldn’t be Earth, that’s for sure. Or would it?

By David Searls
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Crimes To Fit The Individual: South African Justice

The destruction of the liberal, moderate left, both black and white, has brought apartheid to its logical conclusion, the polarization of the races. Each color is increasingly influenced by the voice of extremism. South Africa is now poised on the brink of guerilla war.

By William Gaither
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Temple Sweeper

Early introduction of stress recognition and relaxation techniques as part of one’s daily routine could have a significant impact on health.

By Val Staples
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A Secret Garden

Chosen for their distinctive aroma and taste, les fines herbes have a charming ability to stand on their own, or to mingle pleasantly, like party goers.

By Lucia Peck
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Book Review

Walker Percy has imagined an ideal listener for his narrative, inserted him in the novel, and allowed him to appear only through the eyes of the narrator. The novel opens — “Come into my cell. Make yourself at home. Take the chair. I’ll sit on the cot.”

By David M. Guy
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Shadow Dancing

Although the world frequently gives me “gifts” that I do not consciously want, the choice becomes mine as to what I do with these gifts. I am learning to appreciate the inevitable burdens and pain of being alive.

By Leaf Diamant
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Roxboro: Sticking To The Old-Timey

Roxboro’s a sensible town. Has been since the 1790’s, when its founders set it smack in the middle of Person County. They wanted their county seat to be easy to get to.

By Barry Jacobs | Photos By Enrique Vega
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News From Hacker City: Some Considered Opinions On The Electric Bass

My esthetic: the electric bass is the full equal of any other instrument. Properly played, it can simultaneously provide both a solid rhythmic punch and a complex countermelody.

By Richard Gess
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On Prediction

Any individual is totally self-responsible. No matter what the existing probabilities may be, the individual is not in any way bound by them, except as he chooses to perceive himself bound.

By Travis Hanes
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On Specialness (And Guidance Of All Kinds)

When my perceptions truly coincide with what’s happening, it’s because I’m willing to lose myself in the other person or experience. It’s feelings of specialness I have about myself that keep me from doing that.

By Betsy Campbell Blackwell
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Psychic Readings: Facing An Empty Canvas

Why does someone call himself a psychic and begin charging for his services? The motivation is surely as complex as in seeking a psychic’s help. Perhaps it will one day seem no more unusual to go for a reading than for a physical exam at a doctor’s office; but as there are good and bad doctors, there are psychics of every description.

By Betsy Campbell Blackwell & Sy Safransky
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The Dream Merchants

The older special interest publications could be read by people outside of the group with some degree of comprehension and identification. Magazines like Easy Riders, High Times (dope smokers), or Soldier of Fortune (mercenaries) deny the validity or admit outright hostility toward the kind of world that exists beyond their pages or the daydreams of their readers.

By Max Childers
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Seeds Of Life, Seeds Of Destruction

When plant varieties are lost, their genetic material is lost — and lost forever. Without existing seeds which carry specific genes conferring resistance, it may not be possible in the future to breed resistance back into corn or any other crop.

By Cary Fowler
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Zen Plums

The wild geese do not intend to cast their reflection
The water has no mind to receive their image.

                                                                                  — Zenrin Kushu

By Richard Williams