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October 2017


Aaron Carnes played in a band when he was a teenager. Now he writes for magazines, including Playboy, Salon, and Sierra. He lives in Sacramento, California, with his wife and an endless stream of pets.


Richard Jay Goldstein has been writing for almost thirty years. He’s a lapsed emergency-room doctor and has published sixty-something stories and essays. He lives with his wife, kids, and grandkids in the mountains east of Santa Fe, New Mexico.


Benjamin Hertwig’s debut poetry collection, Slow War, was released by McGill-Queen’s University Press in August. He is a PhD student studying English at the University of British Columbia. On good days he drinks five or six cans of club soda and gets his hands dirty in the garden. On bad days he eats pizza and keeps his hands clean. He tweets sporadically: @benjaminhertwig.


Paul Mandelbaum is the author of two collections of linked short stories, Adriane on the Edge and Garrett in Wedlock. He lives in Culver City, California, and teaches in the UCLA Writers’ Program and at Emerson College Los Angeles. He is writing a book of essays about his family’s ghosts, titled Aliens in Paris.


Brenda Miller is the author of five essay collections, most recently An Earlier Life. She lives with her dog, Abbe, in Bellingham, Washington, where she teaches at Western Washington University and the Rainier Writing Workshop and sings to terminally ill patients with the Bellingham Threshold Singers.


Marge Piercy is the author of seventeen novels and nineteen volumes of poetry. She lives on Cape Cod, Massachusetts.


David Rutschman is the author of Into Terrible Light, published by Forklift Books. A Soto Zen priest and hospice grief counselor, he lives in California with his wife and two young children.


Saint James Harris Wood is a novelist, poet, and bluesman with three gracious, sensible sons. Currently incarcerated for bank robbery, he has a memoir available on Kindle and enjoys receiving correspondence at Saint James Harris Wood, T30027, P.O. Box 8101, CMC-E 6324, San Luis Obispo, California, 93409.



Remy Fontenot lives in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Her work has been shown at Louisiana Tech University.


Fernando Pereira Gomes is a Brazilian photographer who lives and works in New York City.


Frank Hamrick is an associate professor at Louisiana Tech University School of Design. He lives in Ruston, Louisiana, where a good day off consists of waking up late and finding a letter from a friend in his mailbox.


Ariana Harley is a photographer who lives in Portland, Oregon.


Sayre Harvell is a photographer, musician, and writer who lives in Brooklyn, New York.


Jon Kral spent decades taking photographs for three daily Florida newspapers. His images have been published in Time, National Geographic, and Newsweek. He lives in Boone, North Carolina.


Kim McAlear lives in Ashland, Oregon, where she gardens fanatically and collects unusual seeds.


Mandy Miller is a photographer from Illinois.


George Thomson is an eighty-year-old Scottish immigrant with an American wife and two cats. He lives in Sacramento, California.


Morgan Tyree lives in Powell, Wyoming, where he skateboards on a one-and-a-half-mile-long hill that’s practically in his backyard.


On The Cover

Thomas M. Adams lives in southern Indiana, just three miles north of the Ohio River, where he spends time hunting, fishing, and woodworking. He took this month’s cover photograph on the Gulf Coast of Florida on Christmas Day. The bird is a pelican.

image © Frank Hamrick

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