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May 2019


David Barsamian founded Alternative Radio, a progressive public-affairs program, thirty-three years ago in Boulder, Colorado.


Sylvia Boorstein teaches meditation and Buddhist philosophy. She is the author of Happiness Is an Inside Job: Practicing for a Joyful Life.


Jennifer Bowen Hicks is the director of the Minnesota Prison Writing Workshop, and her writing has appeared in Orion and Kenyon Review. She lives in Saint Paul, Minnesota, with her two sons and two dogs.


Lucie Britsch lives in Higham Ferrers, England. Her debut novel, Sad Janet, is forthcoming from Riverhead Books in 2020. You can follow her on Twitter: @Lucie Britsch.


Kelly Daniels is an upstanding citizen who still manages to break a rule from time to time. He lives in Le Claire, Iowa.


Donovan McAbee was once the front man for an alt-country band made up of British academics. He now lives in Nashville, Tennessee, where he teaches at Belmont University.


Jim Moore is the author of five collections of poetry. He lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and Spoleto, Italy, and is getting used to being the oldest person in the room.


Andrea Potos writes only by longhand in notebooks with the creamiest pages she can find. Her ninth collection of poetry, Mothershell, is forthcoming from Kelsay Books this year.


Jim Ralston lives in Allegany County, Maryland, near a religious campground with a revival pavilion like the one his family went to in his childhood. He sits there by himself from time to time. Ralston teaches English at Blue Ridge Community and Technical College in Martinsburg, West Virginia.


Sparrow plays flutophone in the underrated pop group Foamola, whose latest song is “I Seem to Have Lost My Can Opener.” He lives in the Catskill Mountains. You can follow him on Twitter: @Sparrow14.


Sallie Tisdale’s most recent book is Advice for Future Corpses (and Those Who Love Them): A Practical Perspective on Death and Dying. She lives in Portland, Oregon.



Myrna Aguilar lives in South Gate, California. She loves to enter contests and once won a trip to see Saturday Night Live. You can follow her on Instagram: @TheRealMLA17.


Robert Alexander is a retired newspaper editor who always felt that photographers had more fun. His suspicions have now been confirmed. He lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico.


Achraf Baznani is a photographer and director who lives in Marrakesh, Morocco. Obsessed with miniatures since he was young, he now creates surreal images of a tiny version of himself.


Jacki Dickert is an educator and photographer who lives in Linden, New Jersey, with three Maine coon cats.


Michael Galinsky is the codirector of All the Rage, a documentary about Dr. John Sarno, whose theory of psychosomatic back pain defies mainstream medical treatments. He lives in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.


Jon Kral has worked as a photographer for forty-nine years. He lives beside a stream in the mountains of North Carolina, where he smokes a pipe and avoids the gym by cutting firewood every day.


Kim McAlear is a photographer, gardener, and avid seed collector. She runs a hostel in Ashland, Oregon.


Laurie Minor lives in Ridgeville, Ontario, Canada. Her favorite room in her house is her den, which is filled with vintage cameras and photographs.


Katherine Minott is a photographer who thinks sometimes two wrongs do make a right. She lives in Prescott, Arizona.


Jenna Mulhall-Brereton lives in Oreland, Pennsylvania. She has been a photographer for more than twenty years and still prints photos by hand in her darkroom.


On The Cover

Gloria Baker Feinstein is a cowgirl from Kentucky who makes her home in Portland, Oregon. She took this month’s cover photo at a carnival in Johnson County, Kentucky, in 2014. The boy had lagged behind his family, mesmerized by Superman.

image © Katherine Minott

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