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February 2021


Stephanie Austin is a fiction and memoir writer whose stories have appeared in Carve Magazine, Pembroke Magazine, and Pithead Chapel. She lives in Arizona and has chosen to spend part of the already stressful pandemic training a strong-willed puppy.


Molly Bashaw lives in Germany, where she has made a living as a freelance bass trombonist and educator. Her poetry collection, The Whole Field Still Moving inside It, was published in 2014.


Sarah Conover has worked as a television producer, a social worker, and a meditation teacher in a medium-security prison. She is the author of seven books on world wisdom traditions, and an excerpt from her forthcoming memoir has appeared in Tricycle. She lives in Washington State.


Barbara Crooker is the author of nine collections of poetry, most recently Some Glad Morning. She lives in Pennsylvania.


Steve Edwards is the author of the memoir Breaking into the Backcountry, the story of seven months of solitude in a wilderness cabin in Oregon in 2001. When not teaching, writing, or parenting, he is trying to find holiness in doing the dishes. He tweets his progress: @The_Big_Quiet.


Kenneth Hart’s poetry collection, Uh Oh Time, was published in 2008. He lives in New Jersey, teaches writing at New York University, serves as poetry editor for The Florida Review, and spends his summers in Alaska.


Ethan Hubbard has traveled as a documentary photographer for more than forty years and published fourteen books. He lives at Udder Joy Farm in Washington, Vermont.


Isaac Bashevis Singer was a Polish-born Jewish American author and Nobel Prize recipient who wrote short stories, novels, memoirs, children’s literature, and essays. He died in 1991.


Hank Stephenson is a writer, a bookseller, and also a manuscript reader for The Sun. He is still adjusting to chilly Wisconsin. His work can be found in Hobart and Shelf Awareness. He enjoys writing novels and reading long, dour histories. You can follow him on Twitter: @hisforhank.



James Carroll lives in New York City. After many years working in photography and video, he has retired, but he still enjoys street photography.


Eric Davidove lives in the San Francisco Bay Area. He started taking photography seriously after finding himself unemployed in 2015.


Jacki Dickert is a passionate nature lover and opportunistic photographer who lives in New Jersey.


Gina Easley lives in Eugene, Oregon, and is working on a series of anthropomorphic plant photos she calls “Botanical Stories.”


Brian Gaberman is an international photographer based in Northern California. He has spent the last twenty-five years traveling the world, producing editorial and advertising images. When at home, he works in the garden and plays the guitar. He is embarrassed by the sound of his voice but sings anyway.


David Pascale lives near Las Vegas, New Mexico. He hasn’t stopped taking pictures since his mother gave him his first camera in 1966, when he went to Bolivia as a Peace Corps volunteer. Sometimes he laughs too loud and wakes up the cat.


Telavaya Reynolds is a creative director, photographer, and visual artist who lives in Los Angeles.


Cole Thompson’s work has appeared in Black & White and Focus. He lives on a ranch in Colorado, where he tends llamas, donkeys, chickens, and grandchildren.


Lisa Wiltse lives in New South Wales, Australia.


On The Cover

Gloria Baker Feinstein has been using these months of lockdown to make photos of flowers on her dining-room table and to teach her dog, Charlie, a few tricks. This month’s cover image was taken in Hood River, Oregon, while Feinstein was hiking what locals call the Whoopsie Daisy Trail.

image © Eric Davidove

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