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May 2022


Bruce Ballenger’s recent essay “Return to the Typewriter” was nominated for a Pushcart Prize and received a notable mention in The Best American Essays. He lives in Boise, Idaho, and collects typewriters, though his collection has permanently stalled at nineteen.


Finn Cohen is an associate editor of The Sun. He lives in Raleigh, North Carolina.


M.F.K. Fisher wrote hundreds of stories for The New Yorker and twenty-six books, including How to Cook a Wolf and An Alphabet for Gourmets. Her personal essays helped define the food-writing genre. She died in 1992.


Alexandra Ford grew up in the suburbs of Philadelphia and now lives in a five-hundred-year-old farmhouse in the Welsh Marches, where she raises sheep and chickens.


Dan Gerber lives with his wife, Debbie, and their menagerie, both domestic and wild, in the mountains of California’s Central Coast. His tenth collection of poetry, The End of Michelangelo, will be published in the fall.


Beverly Hartz retired from being a hospital chaplain and, to cure the boredom that immediately set in, began writing poetry. She lives in Chehalis, Washington, where she owns a bookstore with her husband.


Daniela Kuper lives in Ventura, California, where she spends her time writing fiction and building miniature rooms that tell a story of imaginary inhabitants. Her recent creations include an illustrator’s studio, the Charlie Chaplin suite of a Parisian hotel, and a grand-piano music room.


Sparrow lives in archaic Phoenicia, New York. Though he lacks musical talent, he is in several bands, including Foamola, Dream Date, and Peg. His book Small Happiness & Other Epiphanies features essays that have appeared in The Sun. You can follow him on Twitter: @Sparrow14.


Barbara Woodmansee enjoys walking in the woods and photographing wild things. She is a hospice nurse in Archer, Florida.



JaMarcus Bullock is a portrait photographer who lives in Warren County, North Carolina. He enjoys modifying classic BMWs and painting. You can follow him on Instagram: @jamarcus.b.


Kerann Christopherson is a writer, artist, and photographer who lives in Morgan Hill, California. Many of her photos are taken from the passenger window of a moving vehicle.


Gina Easley is a staff photographer for Full Grown People. She lives in Eugene, Oregon.


R.E. Hengsterman is an emergency-room nurse who writes and makes photographs. He lives in North Carolina, where he sometimes wears pants.


Alex Kustanovich is a photographer, screenwriter, and educator originally from Belarus. He lives in Brooklyn and can play the song “Autumn Leaves” on the accordion.


Jennifer MacNeill lives in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Her images have appeared in SHOTS, Black+White Photography, and National Geographic.


Kim McAlear recently left southern Oregon, where she was a hostel owner, and moved to Duluth, Minnesota. She enjoys foraging, trail running, and studying Jin Shin Jyutsu massage.


John Lynner Peterson was born to second-generation Swedish and Norwegian immigrants who lived on the prairies of western Minnesota. His father was a photographer, clown, and funeral director. Peterson carries on the family legacy in photography only. He lives in Lexington, Kentucky.


Grant M. Ryan is a photographer and visual artist who lives in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. You can follow him on Instagram: @grantophoto.


Wendy Stone lives in Woodstock, Connecticut, and was recently recognized by the Documentary Family Awards for her photo series of her son and his dog during the pandemic.


Kori Teague is a photographer who lives in Louisiana. You can follow her on Facebook: @koriteaguephotography.


On The Cover

Abbie Brandao is afraid of heights. She is also the mother of three children who will climb anything. Observing their shenanigans through her camera’s viewfinder has helped distract her from her fears. She took the photo on this month’s cover, of a six-year-old girl picking lemons, in New Orleans.

image © Jennifer MacNeill

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