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March 2023


Poe Ballantine has been unknown for so long he’s decided he likes it that way. His latest book is the novel Rodney Kills at Night. He lives in Nebraska.


Robert Cording lives in northeast Connecticut and likes to travel to Florida to bird-watch and kayak. His tenth, and most recent, book of poems is In the Unwalled City.


Andrew Johnson was recently visited in a dream by a talking duck that told him to quit lollygagging and get to work. So he did. His latest book is The Thread, a collection of prose and poetry.


Lance Larsen grew up in Idaho mowing lawns, delivering newspapers, and dreaming of Bigfoot. He teaches at Brigham Young University, and his most recent poetry collection is What the Body Knows. In 2017 he completed a five-year appointment as Utah’s poet laureate.


Richard Scott Larson has lived in Brooklyn for almost two decades and recently installed a bird feeder on his fire escape, much to the delight of his cat.


James Davis May’s second poetry collection, Unusually Grand Ideas, focuses on depression and grief. He’s promised himself that his next book will be about gratitude. He lives in Macon, Georgia.


Reese Menefee is a writer from Kentucky and an MFA candidate at McNeese State University in Louisiana.


Sam Risak is a writer and editor raised in rural central Florida. She is working on a novel inspired by the Florida Man meme.


Sparrow has been in numerous fistfights, most recently in 1964. He lives in Phoenicia, New York. You can follow him on Twitter: @Sparrow14.



Lawrence Bridges has been a New York City cab driver, a stunt driver, and an assistant director to Francis Ford Coppola. He lives in Los Angeles.


Sandy Carter’s photojournalism career spans almost twenty-five years. She lives in Bellingham, Washington, and spends her time making pictures and volunteering for the local literacy council.


Thomas Clark has been creating photo essays since 1972. The documentary Shadows in the Box is about his life. He lives in Brooklyn, New York, and is currently making short films. You can follow him on Instagram: @thomasclark28.


Christopher Francis is a photographer who lives in Spring, Texas. He worked for more than ten years in retail management but recently left to start his own photography business. You can follow him on Instagram: @chriss.emill.


Peter Ingrasselino is teaching himself to play the flute while he waits for spring to arrive so he can take photos of ruby-throated hummingbirds. He lives in Summerville, South Carolina.


Anitra Lavanhar likes to think of herself as an “anthro-photographer,” combining her backgrounds in anthropology and art. She lives in Tulsa, Oklahoma, where she teaches photography and White Crane Silat, an Indonesian martial art.


Dan Pearlman is a street photographer and jazz musician who lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico. His photographs of New Orleans festivals will become a book someday, once he gets around to finishing it.


Scott Ross is a fine-art photographer who lives in Florida. You can follow him on Instagram: @scottrossphoto.


Lloyd Wolf lives in Arlington, Virginia, and is concerned with documenting social-justice issues. He remains awed by the unfathomable mysteries of existence.


Forest Woodward is trying to complain less and listen more, all while making pictures of things he cares about. He lives in Franklin, North Carolina.


On The Cover

Gloria Baker Feinstein lives in Portland, Oregon. Her most recent book of photography, I Hope You Find What You’re Looking For, includes poems by Oregon’s former poet laureate Kim Stafford. Feinstein took the picture on this month’s cover at a baseball tournament in Kentucky. The boy’s team was from Man, West Virginia.

image © Scott Ross

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