Issue 58 | The Sun Magazine

August 1980

Readers Write

My Work, My Job

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By Our Readers


Task: to be where I am. / Even when I’m in this solemn and absurd / role: I am still the place / where creation does some work on itself.

Tomas Tranströmer

Essays, Memoirs, & True Stories

Something Does Push The River

David Spangler On Community And Commitment

The Christ is the manifestation of a basketball passing through the table of our universe. It’s a multidimensional event which we are trying to grasp four-dimensionally. We would see it as history, as a succession of events. Which means that the event is still happening. It is not in history, it is history, it is still happening. We are in the midst of it at this moment. I don’t know just where we are along the basketball.

By David Spangler
Essays, Memoirs, & True Stories

Artists And Magicians

Within the intuition of magic is an inborn drive to always remain on the edge. The artmagician appears to be mad or, at least, very strange. He goes to the gas station or restaurant and eyes follow him. He is feared or admired; it matters little which. His passage leaves a backwash of affection.

By Roxy Gordon
Essays, Memoirs, & True Stories

Tchad — A Memoir

Tchad, in the front seat, turned to me in the back, waved his arms expansively and yelled above the traffic noise, “Tell us again how your grandmother barks like a dog, Linne! Tell it again!”

By Linne Gravestock


I arrive late, as usual, paper ends flapping from my briefcase, crumbs clinging to my coat after a crackers-and-cheese lunch between stoplights. Picking my way across the muddy yard from my parking place in a tow-away zone, I glance at the glassed-in central staircase of the high school to check the time.

By Carol Hoppe

Photographs By Priscilla Rich

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By Priscilla Rich