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June 1975

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Tabula Rasa

Visiting the canteen, barking up the wrong tree, creating spaces of silence

By Our Readers
The Sun Interview

Death And Other Cures

An Interview With Dr. Lobsang Dolma

“Illness,” she says, “is caused by your own actions in this or a former lifetime. Killing, stealing, and lying can draw illness to yourself.” In one out of ten illnesses, she continues, an evil spirit is present.

By Sy Safransky
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Survival Primer

We create the world with our beliefs. This is as true of global ecologies as of our more personal environment — our bodies, our homes.

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Idealism And Other Cheap Thrills

I lost idealism, which is a blind, naive, childish view of human existence, and I began to have faith. There had to be a reason for all of this suffering. There had to be a way for people to reach one another, to not have to live in constant fear.

By Blue Harary
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Chapel Hill Journal

The dust of sham recognition settled over the furniture where I should move about. Do I stir it and sneeze, or move so delicately that only molecules will notice me?

By Gayle Garrison
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Dear Food

Featuring this month: Mariakakis, The Keg Room, and Greek Quarter Restaurant best known as Kwikee Takeout.

By Ebba Kraar
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Kneading It

Baking can be fun; many of us know this and many of us know this all too well. But baking can also be a way of being creative and producing nutritious food which can provide us with protein, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, and trace minerals.

By Hal Richman
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From The Honey Pot

Creating an atmosphere of love and beauty often offsets the apparent meagerness of a meal. Wildflowers are free — dandelions, clover, all those pretty little flowers popping out in vacant lots or around public buildings in spring and summer — and as a centerpiece they remind us of the richness of the earth.

By Judy Bratten
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Remember Money?

Red dust swirls about the ditch at midday, flying in the face of a blindingly hazy sky. Muddy rivers of perspiration stream across faces and backs.

By Robert Donnan
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How Do You Get Your Thumb To Say Cheeze?

Kirlian Photography And The Human Aura

The human aura has been reported by psychics for thousands of years. These independent yet similar reports of a visible glow around the human body suggest that the aura does exist, at least in the mind of the beholder. The question is: “What is the human aura?”

By Priscilla Rich
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And Then There’s Dying . . . Or Is There?

A Look At Survival Research

If there is survival after death, then that which survives must exist beforehand, in the living. In other words, it should be possible to approach the survival question by a study of consciousness in the living.

By W. G. Roll
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no rent, no mortgage (just borrow a saw)

Your house, your home, is the environment in which you’ll spend more time than any other. Because of this, it profoundly influences you and your peace of mind. It is the keynote to your survival.

By Robert Ruskin
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or, not by canned peas alone

There are some who say all you need to survive is canned peas. I don’t necessarily agree with that. The human is extraordinarily complex. Ask yourself: when were jackets invented?

By Karl Grossman
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Survival In America

A carpet, anyway you look at it, is the best way to travel. You can take it with you anywhere — into the green forest or the courtyard of a mosque.

By Ebba Kraar
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Surviving The Symposium

We’re unsure whether to go. “I don’t want to hear about how we haven’t got much time left,” I lament.

By Sy Safransky
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Response To Sy Safransky’s “An Open Letter To Ram Dass”

One day in 1971 my Guru asked me what I did about the letters I received. I replied that I answered them. Two letters had been brought to him that day. One letter he put on top of his head and the other he held between his hands for a moment. Then he tore up both of them and threw them on the ground.

By Ram Dass