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An Update on Our Paywall

March 10, 2021

Like many of you, our staff has been working from home since this time last year. When we left our offices last March, we never imagined that the COVID-19 pandemic would endure for so long, or that it would cause such pain and loss throughout the world. We are thankful for our continued ability to bring you The Sun each month.

We removed the paywall from our website a year ago so that anyone could keep up with the latest issue and explore our online archive. Reader support helped make this possible, and we’re pleased we could share the stories and photographs in The Sun with so many during a time of unprecedented isolation and hardship.

Beginning in April, subscribers will once again need to sign in to read The Sun online. We will continue to offer other readers two selections for free each month — if you’re able, we hope you’ll subscribe for full access. Educators and organizations that have been using The Sun’s online selections during the pandemic and need continued access, please contact us.

We have faced challenges over the past year that we’ve not experienced before, and the future remains uncertain. But The Sun has often faced obstacles, and we’ve always been sustained by faith and hard work — and the loyalty of our readers. We are profoundly grateful for your steadfast support.

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