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A Thousand Words

April 2022

A Thousand Words features photography so rich with narrative that it tells a story all on its own.

Photograph By Lodiza LePore March 2022
Essays, Memoirs, & True Stories

Of The Four Of Us

I’m the one who was so desperate for a dog that I sat on the wood floor of our living room, hour after hour, week after week, and memorized the dog section of the encyclopedia.

By Esther Ehrlich January 2022

Quarantine Poem #17

Staying at home with my books and out-of-tune piano / and a cat who loves me only when she’s out of food is nothing new. / I’m OK. Thank you for asking. I have become quite used to sending / thoughts and prayers to those who keep the world going round / while I spin old punk records — Dead Kennedys, Buzzcocks, Crass — / lamenting days long past.

By Norman Minnick December 2021
Essays, Memoirs, & True Stories

Relationship Tips

I put aside the previous rejections and try again. This time I don’t mess around with coffee. I don’t want anything that might allow her a graceful out or result in a request to be friends. I have friends. I ask her on a dinner date.

By Sandra Gail Lambert October 2021
Essays, Memoirs, & True Stories


My eyes filled again. Filippo came by and murmured, “Think of the little light in your chest,” and somehow I understood him. I don’t know how. I let the light shine.

By Michelle Herman September 2021

A Slip Of Paper

found amid the rolls / of gift wrap: / a Trader Joe’s receipt / from December 23rd / eight years ago

By Michele Herman June 2021
Essays, Memoirs, & True Stories

Ghost Dogs

What happened next I shoveled into that dark ditch of my psyche, and then I covered it with heavy stones, and it wasn’t until more than twelve years had passed that I remembered what I’d made myself forget.

By Andre Dubus III June 2021
Essays, Memoirs, & True Stories

Funeral For A Hamster

I was unable to protect my children from heartache. I couldn’t keep them from the pain of it. But I could ease their journey by helping them light their dead hamster’s funeral pyre.

By Andrew Johnson March 2021

After We Buried The Dog In The Dark

He came back. I saw him / in the grass, the white of him / glowing in the floodlight, / the wind turning it off / and on again. / I saw his face at the door, / waiting to be let in, / his nose leaving smears / across the glass.

By Jin Cordaro November 2020
Essays, Memoirs, & True Stories

Night Cows

The cows showed up just as the world began to end. They were there when I returned to Minnesota from Manhattan, where I’d gone to pick up my older son after his spring 2020 college semester had been canceled.

By Jennifer Bowen Hicks August 2020