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Nuclear Energy: Our Faustian Bargain?

Governor Meldrin Thomson flew in in his helicopter. He’d originally teamed up with the Public Service Company of New Hampshire to push the twin 1150 megawatt set of nuclear power plants, among the biggest ever built, on New Hampshire’s coast, all 18 miles of it. Seabrook got selected without knowing it.

By Karl Grossman October 1977
Essays, Memoirs, & True Stories

Sporadic E, Or How To Spend More Time Watching Television

No, Sporadic E is not Elvin Hayes in the playoffs (that’s a basketball joke, nonsports fans). It’s something strange that happens high in the sky, like depleting ozone.

By David Searls June 1977

Fortune Cookies

I was looking up monasteries in the yellow pages when she knocked. I was living at this time in Jersey City, N.J., on top of a meat market. It was the dingiest of places. I got up from my fleabitten couch. I opened the door to a dazzling darkhaired woman.

By Karl Grossman June 1976
Essays, Memoirs, & True Stories

Discipline: Reorienting Lines Of Force

What each can contribute toward the good of the whole is definite and needed. So each must ask himself or herself how we qualify or color the lines of force which course through us as human beings.

By Gayle Garrison December 1975
Essays, Memoirs, & True Stories


I can live almost anywhere but my relationship with the animals and flora determine if I am at home there. The vibrations of any home, whether in city or countryside, are affected by the life that cohabits with us. And surely the quality of any life indicates and determines the quality of all life.

By Robert Diamant April 1975
Essays, Memoirs, & True Stories

The Price Was Never Right

We will strip off the earth’s skin for oil. We will destroy the beauty of our shores. We will pollute the air for it. And we will kill for it. If we cannot buy it for what we consider a fair price we will take it by force, our need is so great.

By Mike Mathers January 1974