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In Defense Of The Human Heart

An Interview With Ron Tabor

On an unconscious level people are preparing themselves psychically for the future I’ve talked about without consciously knowing it, since in the future, political action — except for the revolution of the minorities in the cities — is meaningless.

By Sy Safransky
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Another Appetite

For what truly feeds the mind and the body comes from a source too many people seem to have forgotten: and that is (pardon the archaic term) the soul.

By Judy Bratten
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Seth: On LSD

“In therapy using massive doses of LSD, a condition of chemically enforced insanity takes place. By insanity, I mean a situation in which the conscious mind is forced into a state of powerlessness.”

By Seth
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Armageddon: A Scenario

What’s going on in the next ten years is centered around the Mid-East. That’s the conclusion I draw from The Fatima Prophecy and all the Bible prophecies and the techniques they’re using at the Rand Corporation and the Hudson Institute.

By Ron Tabor
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Discipline: Reorienting Lines Of Force

What each can contribute toward the good of the whole is definite and needed. So each must ask himself or herself how we qualify or color the lines of force which course through us as human beings.

By Gayle Garrison
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Fecundity/Nature &/Or

The happy people with big hips and watery lips pulled up by the river and sat down, spent. There trout bubbled at them, trees shaded and grass waved.

By Norm Moser
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Sexuality Is A Blessing

We are sexual beings from the time of our birth until the last years of our life. Sexuality is not a behavior that occurs between adolescence and “old age.”

By Leaf Diamant
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Mapping The Inner Regions

As Ring says of his map, it is “not merely an abstract diagram of the geography of consciousness” but refers to the voyage we are all destined to take to the farther regions of inner space. As such, it is a map worth knowing how to read.

By Sy Safransky
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Dear Buddha

What is time and what is space and why are they the window and the door of our existence?

By the editors
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How Does Moving The Body Move The Mind?

Why move? Why persist in it when all my material needs are fulfilled? Is it the playing out, the dance, of neurosis? The urgings of a subtle psychic movement? Why move? Curiosity? There’s something pleasing about motion.

By Rob Gelblum
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Coming Down

An individual who experiences regular moments of expanded consciousness also regularly experiences the unhappiness and difficulty of returning to consensus reality.

By Blue Harary
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Psychedelics In Perspective

The emergence of psychedelic drugs into contemporary society has probably created as much controversy as any other agent affecting the body-mind complex of man since the discovery of fire.

By David Bonnis


The sky and trees, reflected once in the creek, are reflected again in my thoughts. These are not the black trees written on a light gray sky that small black words bring to mind. But, green and living, they stretch to grasp the sun, lobsterlike in living claws.

By Pat Leudy

Woeful Cowboy

I was working with Allen yesterday afternoon when Anne came to door & said to Allen “Ed Wall’s here to see you” — “I didn’t make any appointments” Allen explained to me as he got up.

By Gordon Ball