Issue 84 | The Sun Magazine

November 1982

Readers Write


The honesty that comes from the heart, the higher octave of the intellect and feeling mind, the flash when love enters in at the eye

By Our Readers


Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.

Pablo Picasso

The Sun Interview

Gently Changing

An Interview On Cancer And Health With O. Carl Simonton

What we have our patients do is to take the symptoms of cancer as the illness, and to look for the five biggest changes that they can identify in their lives in the 18 months prior to the diagnosis being made. If they have had subsequent flareups, they look at the six months prior to each flareup. Then, they look at their emotional reactions to those changes. Finally, with each episode, they look at five good things that happened to them as a result of the diagnosis or of each flareup — what they get out of being sick.

By Lightning Brown
The Sun Interview

Fixing The World

An Interview With Schlomo Carlebach

The way to receive light from God is through praying. The only difference is that some people pray unconsciously, some pray consciously, some pray super-consciously. You can walk into a restaurant and see a person who says, “I’m so hungry. I need some soup.” Deep down his soul is praying to God, “God, please give me life, I’m at the end.”

By Howard Jay Rubin
Essays, Memoirs, & True Stories

Making The Muse Real

Poetry And Spirituality

How can we continue to have poetry without a sense of spirit? Here we live in a time of the breakdown of traditional values and the questioning of traditional religions, yet where are the poets writing of the ecstatic and seeking new visions, or reanimating, from new perspectives, old ones?

By Chuck Taylor
Essays, Memoirs, & True Stories

Sparrow In New York

“We’re asking people not to go to work today,” one of us said. “We’re asking people to protest nuclear weapons. Sit down with us.”

By Sparrow


I once visited a man who had just checked into Room 111 of an old hotel. He knew neither letters nor numbers. A friend asked his room number. “I’m in the room with three sticks,” he said.

By Nyle Frank

Tales Of Lord Shantih

One day the Lord Shantih threw a coin down a wishing well. He wished for another coin. Later, as he walked upon the road, he found a coin.

By Thomas Wiloch