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The Doctor Who Won’t Charge

An Interview With Patch Adams

Some of my best friends are holistic healers, so I’ll be forgiven, I hope, if I question what seems to have become a tenet of their faith: charge as much as you can. People, they suggest, really like spending money on themselves; just writing out a whopping check is part of their “healing process.” And so it may be. Still, it gladdens me that not everyone believes that; I’m happy Patch Adams is fixing people up for free.


Cold Steel

Charlotte was not long out of college, a plain woman and cheerfully ascetic. She nodded amiably in lectures. She could have been cast as a nun in an old Bing Crosby movie, the one who trailed the heroine and only came in on the chorus. Charlotte was a person who seemed to have no childhood, whom you could not imagine as younger than she was at the moment you met her.

Selected Stories

A Zen monk and a Catholic priest were walking along a road. They came to a baby crying by the side of the road. The monk did nothing. The priest picked up the baby and held it in his arms. The baby stopped crying, and soon the mother came and took it from the priest.

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Readers Write


I’m about to leave this town. The other night I leaned out a front window of this house, an old gold Victorian I love deeply. It was just after sunset. Thirty feet down cars hummed by on the street. House lights in the neighborhood came on as the stars did. Something gripped me: my love for this place.

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There is no religion that is closer to a man than the one he invents, so I guess you can say in that sense I’m religious. . . . I think there is a destiny beyond sheer experience. It consists, for me, in creativity. I think there is a spirit that can be killed in a society and in an individual that, for want of a better word, is the life spirit — the creative spirit. . . . This is holy, and it takes great effort, a kind of prayer, to keep it alive and nurture it. Without it, we might as well not be around. Life becomes simply a series of objects and chance relationships.

Arthur Miller

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