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May 1985


A spirit that calls itself Bartholomew speaks through a woman named Mary-Margaret Moore, who for the past seven years has given hundreds of readings in which Bartholomew eloquently addresses perennial questions about fear, relationship, death, spirituality, and so on.


William Neil Bender lives in Athens, West Virginia. He’s had work published in Rebel, Poets of the U.S., and Reflexes.


William K. Bottorff recently phased out a period of scholarly writing to concentrate full-time on stories and poems. He has had a number of each published in Wind, Cornfield Review, Four Quarters and Bitterroot. He lives in Toledo, Ohio.


Bradford Evans is a psychologist and poet who lives in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Some of his writing will appear this year in the Laurel Review, St. Andrews Review, and Pembroke magazine.


Walt Franklin lives in Rexville, New York. He has published a book of poems, Talking to the Owls (Great Elm Press), and is currently working on a natural history of the northern Appalachians.


Lorenzo W. Milam is the author of the Cripple Liberation Front Marching Band Blues. He lives in San Diego, California.


Howard Jay Rubin is a freelance writer who lives in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.


Sy Safransky is editor of THE SUN.


On The Cover

Hella Hammid is a photographer who lives in Los Angeles, California.


Sy Safransky

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Carol Logie

Lois Bateson

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Juli Duncan

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Howard Jay Rubin

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