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August 1985


Wayne Eason teaches English at Queens College and the University of North Carolina in Charlotte. He is the former editor of The Cold Mountain Review and Works In Progress.


Karlton Kelm lives in Hoboken, New Jersey, and is working on his third novel after a lapse of fifty years since his second novel was completed. He writes, “Forgive my lousy typing. I hate to type. My brother always did it for me until his death in 1953; maybe that’s really why I stopped writing for so many years. Thornton Wilder, an old friend, hated to type as much as I. I was in Jed Harris’s office when he submitted a first draft of Our Town written in longhand in lined composition books, such as kids use.”


Dave Moolten lives in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and is a student at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine.


Jon Remmerde works, lives, and writes in Whitney, Oregon. Whitney is listed as a ghost town on state maps. Jon writes only his own work.


Sy Safransky is editor of THE SUN.


Michael Thurman is an astrologer and freelance writer from Lexington, Kentucky.


On The Cover

Priscilla Rich is a photographer and mother of four who lives in the country near Boone, North Carolina.


Sy Safransky

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Juli Duncan

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Howard Jay Rubin

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Jan Bellard

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