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Spirituality’s Shadow

An Interview With William Irwin Thompson

William Irwin Thompson is a brilliant writer and historian and teacher who speaks eloquently here about the spiritual movements of today — their promise and their shadow side — and the emergence of a new planetary culture.

Essays, Memoirs, and True Stories

Visit With The Master

I probably could be considered a fair example of the American system of psychotherapy at work. I visited my first therapist, a traditional Jungian, back in 1956. I was in trouble. I was haunted by a dark mood that wouldn’t go away. As they say, I didn’t have a clue. After a few weeks in which I bared what I thought was my soul, the therapist, a Quaker by the name of Dr. Clark, suggested that my depression might be caused by Unrequited Love. “Love for whom?” I asked.

Same As Anyone

The birds start singing when it’s still dark, the stillness before dawn, when life is poised and light begins a tentative approach. I ponder my investments, none of them financial. I am like a child slowly drawing a smooth pebble across his lips, yet never opening up to pop it in the mouth. But I do consider. And I am afraid.



I call her “Juliet.” I don’t remember her name, and it is possible that I never knew it. Her image came to me at six o’clock every evening for years. I went to the upper floor of my house, entered any room, and turned off the light. I got to my knees and looked through the blinds out of a window, any window in any direction. I always saw her in the opposite window, preparing for her evening date. Juliet was seventeen and beautiful. She had many boyfriends and went out with one of them every night. If I waited in front of my house, I saw the boys drive up and take her with them. Whenever I met her on the street, she chatted with me and smiled.

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It isn’t easy forgiving myself for not making her happy, and it’s even harder forgiving myself for the nursing home. The visits for that year and a half will always haunt me, although I know I could not have done otherwise.

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If we could get over that idea of sin, get rid of guilt, then I think a great many things that disturb people would be accepted as normal and natural, and nothing made of it.

Henry Miller

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