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February 1987


Judy Katz-Levine lives in Roslindale, Massachusetts, where she works in an early childhood center and plays jazz flute. Her writing has appeared in several magazines.


Marc Polonsky lives in Berkeley, California when he’s not marching for peace. In a recent note, he said he was going to bed early so he could be up in time for the next day’s internationally-synchronized meditation for world peace, at 4 a.m. “Obviously, the people who thought it up,” he wrote, “didn’t live in California.”


Jon Remmerde is a writer who lives in Whitney Valley, Oregon. In the winter, he makes money by cutting wood. There hasn’t been much snow this year, he says, “so I could be cutting wood every day. I cut some days, write some days, and spend parts of some days worrying about whether I should cut or write.”


Del Marie Rogers has had poems in fifteen anthologies, including Leaving The Bough: 50 American Poets Of The 80’s and Cardinal. She lives in Rowlett, Texas.


John Rosenthal is a writer and photographer who lives in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. He does a weekly radio commentary on WUNC-FM, the public radio station in Chapel Hill.


Sy Safransky is editor of The Sun.


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Peter Simon


Sy Safransky

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Catherine Dumas

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Jan Bellard

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