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May 1988


Stephen T. Butterfield is an English teacher and meditation instructor who lives in Shrewsbury, Vermont. He is currently trying to articulate the effect of Buddhist meditation practice on his mind — “perhaps best done by letting go of ‘Buddhism’ and looking simply and straightforwardly at my own life.”


Martha Elizabeth lives in Denton, Texas. She recently had a short story in Memphis magazine and has poems forthcoming in Nebo: A Literary Journal, Fine Madness, and The California Quarterly.


Jack Evans runs a used-record store in Cambridge, Massachusetts. His poems have appeared in Manhattan Poetry Review, The Literary Review, and Bitterroot.


Kent T. Hoffman is a psychotherapist with Marycliff Institute in Spokane, Washington.


D. Patrick Miller lives in Berkeley, California, where he publishes Presumptions: A Letter at Large. For a sample, send $1 to Presumptions, 1442A Walnut Street #48, Berkeley, California 94709.


Tillie Olsen is the author of Tell Me a Riddle, a collection of short stories; Yonnondio: From the Thirties, a novel; and Silences, a book of essays on the relationship between circumstances and human creativity. She lives in San Francisco, California.


Juliet Wittman lives in Boulder, Colorado, where she’s features editor for the Boulder Daily Camera.


On The Cover

Wanda Levin is a photographer who lives in Celo, North Carolina.


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