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Celibacy And Religious Passion

An Interview With Teresa Bielecki

Teresa Bielecki first met Father William McNamara, a fiery Carmelite monk, at a college retreat in 1958. She was only twenty-two then, but from that day on she knew what she wanted to do. Father William had just received permission from Pope John XXIII to start a new order, the Spiritual Life Institute, which would be composed of both men and women and which would bring the message of contemplative life to the world.

Essays, Memoirs, and True Stories

Ideologies Of Madness

Nuclear war has been described as a form of madness. Yet rarely does one take this insight seriously when contemplating the dilemma of war and peace.




Earnest Ray found her in a restaurant stuffing oyster crackers into her purse. An hour after she met him, she was sitting on his lap, running her fingers through his hair; taking in the breadth and width of the big front porch that runs around his four-story house; playing up to his mama; and feeding tuna salad to his calico cat.

Rocks Along This River

I spend long nights talking with my grandfather, whom I call Papa. We rage and speculate; we try to plumb the depths together. Over the years we have become close friends, able to share our most intimate thoughts.

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On a shelf in his bathroom, so high I need a stool to reach it, there’s a leather cuff link box where he keeps a pet spider. The spider eats matches. I know this because every night before I go to bed, my father shows me the match, puts it in the box with the spider, and closes the lid. Then, in the morning, he opens the box to show me that the match is gone. It doesn’t occur to me that this spider never moves when I look in the box. A spider can’t always be asleep.

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In our sleep, pain that cannot forget falls drop by drop upon the heart, and in our own despair, against our will, comes wisdom through the awful grace of God.


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