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Defending What You Love

An Interview With Edward Abbey

But still, when all other means fail, we are morally justified — not merely justified, but morally obligated — to defend that which we love by whatever means are available. If my family, my life, my children were attacked, I wouldn’t hesitate to use violence to defend them. By the same principle, if land I love is being violated, raped, plundered, murdered, and all political means to save it have failed, I feel that sabotage is morally justifiable.

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The Myth Of Sexual Liberation

In the beginning was nature. The background against which our ideas of God were formed, nature remains the supreme moral problem. We cannot hope to understand sex and gender until we clarify our attitude toward nature. Sex is a subset to nature. Sex is the natural in man.


All The Panamas In The World And Herb’s

Herb’s got this way of bringing his right hand, his ball hand, up and over fast, hooking it sharp till his thumb grazes his left ear. His ball always skids a good twenty feet down the lane. By the time it hits the pins, it’s like a fist powering right into someone’s face.

From The Holy Mother Of Jobs

(Formerly The Goddess Of Labor): A Report On A Poor Supplicant

“Wanted — COUPLE WITH A CAMPER willing to camp out for two weeks; earn up to two thousand dollars. . . .”

Separate From Love

Women hold gloved hands over your face, protect you from what really happens in the world, then laugh at your awkwardness.


I turned toward her; she had risen and was now descending toward the shore. She was a lovely woman, in her early thirties. Stretched out, all four limbs on different ledges. Poised like a cat descending a tree, she met my stare. . . .

Eating Head

I’ve been to the Tonameca fiesta before. The ground is sandy. . . . We’ll get stuck, people will stare. From two feet away, they’ll stop dead and stare. They always do. They’ve never seen a six-foot gringo in a wheelchair.

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We are sticky with the long car ride, hundreds of miles, hours when we have grown sick of each other.

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“Hell is made up of yearnings. The wicked don’t roast on beds of nails; they sit on comfortable chairs and are tortured with yearnings.”

Isaac Bashevis Singer

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