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June 1991


Roberto Assagioli developed and founded the science of Psychosynthesis: a spiritual and holistic approach to psychology.


Lawrence Bullock lives in Mendocino, California. A writer, musician, and photographer, he is presently at work on a novel entitled Memory, CA.


Susan Moon is the editor of The Buddhist Peace Fellowship Newsletter and the author of The Life and Letters of Tofu Roshi. She teaches writing and literature at St. Mary’s College. She lives in Berkeley, California.


Earl C. Pike’s poetry, fiction, and essays have been published in numerous literary journals. He lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota, where he works as a consultant on AIDS and AIDS-related issues.


Andrea Reshem has moved from the Land of Ten Thousand Quakes to the Land of Ten Thousand Lakes, where she continues to write and dream. She lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota.


Sy Safransky is editor of The Sun.


Robert Shaw is a writer and photographer in Santa Fe, New Mexico. One of his plays has been produced at Oklahoma University, and he has had readings of his plays in Santa Fe and at the Roundabout Theatre in New York City.


Rafael Weinstein is a professor of English at West Los Angeles College. He writes, “When I am not teaching or writing, I read the novels of George Simenon and the stories of Raymond Carver. I also play competition-level pool.” He lives in Los Angeles, California, with his wife, a medical student.


Linda Wirtanen is a freelance writer specializing in advertising and business communications. She lives with her husband on what was once a large farm near Ann Arbor, Michigan.


On The Cover

George Peer is a photographer who lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota. He uses a pinhole camera in which there is no mechanical shutter, no lens, and no viewfinder, but only an empty enclosure with a pin-sized hole through which light enters. With prolonged exposure, the negatives can be transferred directly onto the paper, making the photograph a true imprint of the landscape it expresses. “In its bare-bones simplicity,” writes Peer, “this medium supports my uniting the technology of photography with the mystery of the unseen.” His most current work is featured with Sid Gershgoren’s sayings in Through the Sky in the Lake, published by Milkweed Editions.


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